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    I am a complete newbie when it comes to networking. I just got my router configured for file sharing and ICS. It also supports VPN's so I am trying to get one up and running just for the heck of it!

    I can browse around the hard drive and delete simple text files ect.

    My question is how would I for example, open a text file for viewing ect. Is there an obvious site that gives some examples. I have googled this query but came up empty handed. To me this looks really limited, what can be accomplished through this connection?

    Hopefully my questions make sence to you Guru's.

    Also, is this a security risk having an open port for this connection since it is supposed to be encrypted? Assuming I have a good complex password?

    I found this on the web but I don't understand exactly what it means:
    ....SET NTLM turns on NTLM.
    ....While you are using NTLM Authentication, you are not prompted for a logon name and password when connecting from a remote computer.

    I also found that telnet can send your password in plain text, could someone please explain this to me I thought the entire session was encrypted by the VPN!
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