Thread: How hard is learning socket programming?

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    How hard is learning socket programming?

    I want to learn socket programming for UNIX. Have no socket programming history although I have a decent understanding of how the Internet works (at its most basic).

    I have ordered a book called Unix Network Programming Volume 1 and hear its a good book.

    Hope I can become fluent and write network applications soon!

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    If you understand how the internet works, then learning to do sockets programming won't be very hard. You'll just have to learn the library commands that take your data and stream it across the internet (or break it into chunks and toss them in the general direction of the destination).

    This site helped me learn alot about sockets and how do program them. I knew NULL about sockets before I read this site. After some perseverance and playing around (connecting to your own machine at with a telnet client is useful!) I wrote a simple chat program (horrible coding style, but it taught me how to send and receive data and I plan on revising it as coding practice). HTH YMMV


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    Learning the basics to sockets programming isn't too hard. I HIGHLY recommend the book "TCP/IP sockets in C" isbn 1-55860-826-5: only 130 pages it gives great explanations, very concise and to the point, and touches on all sorts of socketing issues (multiplexing, asynchronous I/O, etc.). Good luck! Sockets are cool.

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    Socket can be fun to learn to.I read a book on linux sockets and it don't sound that hard.
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    Nice bump of a 6 month old thread there
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem
    Nice bump of a 6 month old thread there
    server side cilent side
    socket |
    | socket
    bind |
    | Connect
    listen <- |
    | ^ send/recv
    | |
    accept ->

    that easy

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