I have a question for you all. How do I create a frame inside a table?

For example, I had a web page containing a table and it's got 3 rows inside a table. The first row contains an image (which had been set to 1024x96), the third row contains another image (the resolution is the same as the first image), and the second row will be the frame. When a user performs an action like if a user clicks in a menu button in the third row or if a user clicks in a hypher-link inside a frame, etc. If a user clicks in that link inside a frame or if a user clicks a button outside a frame, then the requested page will load up inside the frame (again, located in the second row of a table. Yet the frame will have a resolution of 1024x576 (16:9 ratio-liked format). I've done this in FrontPage 2003 but it's still in beta right now but I like to use Visual Studio .net to create web pages using ASP.net.

Is there a workaround to know how to create a fraame inside a .aspx Web Form? I don't want to use something like Frameset, which is kind of like the MSDN web site's frameset...