Thread: Need help getting started in 802.11 programming

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    Need help getting started in 802.11 programming

    I'm trying to find a good place to learn how to write programs for use with wireless networks. I work with wireless networks a lot now and i've been having trouble with noise and other networks causing problems. So, I wanted a wireless network survey program.

    I found a couple online that did what I wanted but did more than I needed. I found some that didn't even come close. And any time I ask anyone about this, they usually ask almost the same thing... "Do you need to know how to hack WEP?". The answer to that, before anyone asks, is no.

    I'm just looking for a site or something that will give me a good kick start into wireless network programming. Or if anyone here has ever done any wireless network programming, is there any helpfull information you have for me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not exactly sure about this but you could try and the do a search for Oddysey. My friends where working with this program for our university wi-fi. They were able to make changes and edits to it. It is mostly a security prog and it uses the 802.1x encryptions....


    P.S. I'll post if I find out more

    some entropy with that sink?

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    IMO this is better suited for the network programming board...
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    Thanks Axon, i'll check that out.

    Sorry if I put this in the wrong section. I'm working with C++ so I went to the C++ forum. I guess networking does make sense.

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    hhmmm..I am not sure, but maybe these help :/

    http:// -> Java2 MicroEdition

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