Hi. I have a question and I want to program ASP.net over the server and my domain URL is http://www.future-gpnet.com but I can't be able to access it with Visual Studio but can be able to access it via FTP program. When I go into Readme.htm file of the Visual C# .Net Disc 1, it told me to create a VS7 folder, create WCU folder, VS folder, copy the CD contents of Windows Component Update, and that's about less than 400 MB and I have DSL (connecting at ~384kbps or less and I don't have cable modem. In the VS.net Disc 1, that's about 610MB!

The server, called OneDollarHost.net, uses Windows 2000, server speed running at 2Ghz with 4GB of Server Memory, and is Microsoft Certified. I got unlimited space with unlimited data transfer and unlimited FTP access.

Sorry for getting off-topic but is there a way around to have VS.net connect to the server?

I have Visual C# .Net and it includes ASP.net for the server.

I did read the requirements about the server that has to have IIS 5.0 but I have a question. Does Windows 2000 Pro/Server Edition includes IIS 5.0? Because I bet they do.

Also, I can only access the server via FTP. But like I said, I can't access the server via Visual Studio. The help file said that I must be in the VS developer's group but I can't remember what it said but I'm the only one accessing the server.