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    Network Phantom !!

    Hi ,
    Finally a site dedicated to networking , Great. You never know if the right person has just skipped over your message cause he thought the Subject was boring.

    I have a problem, which i have posted about before, but here goes again.

    I have recently aquired 2 new IBM machines which i have allowed to join our domain. Both of these machiines are running win 2000 , lets say they are called machine 1 and machine 2 on the network.

    Now if i sit at another machine and browse network neighbourhood i can see all the machines except for the 2 ibm machines which are on the network. This i have proved as if i run the command \\machine 1\ i see its shares etc, same goes with machine 2 i can also ping these machines and resolve their names.

    The question is why dont they appear as icons under network neighbourhood ???

    This has really got me, if somebody could help that would be great.

    And To All Those Opposed, WELL !!!
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    client for microsoft networking and sharing enabled has to be enabled for one thing. Beyond that I don't really know much about that.
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    Have you ensured that all machines, including the two new machines, are members of the same workgroup?
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