Thread: Com1, Graphing from file.

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    Com1, Graphing from file.

    This is a Win32 application.
    I want to read from the comm. port. (I think you use CreateFile()?)
    I then want to read that file that was created when i read from the comm port and construct a gaph out of the information that was obtained.

    I think thats how it works, i am not quite sure. But thats what i need to do.

    i just want to make a graph made from the information at the comm port . I want to be able to print and save the graph.

    Thank you.
    I dont even care about the graph right now. I just want to get the information from the serial port and save it to a text file or sumthing. Pplease help. I have been endlessly working.

    i figured out how to open the serial port:

    HANDLE m_hCommPort = ::CreateFile( szPortName,
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    Umm, not sure what you're looking for. Could you be more specific? If you're just looking to get data from the port, I believe you can use the ReadFile() function. Also, I may be wrong (you've done the research), but you might not need the FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED. Try just putting 0, or FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL.
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