Here is the code that has been written so far. It's hear so that others can see the product of amateur development of a unique chat client. Feel free to use it as you wish (except to cheat on homework or projects).

The protocol of this unique chat client is listed here if any of you wish to create a client GUI for it.

NOTE: The code is mostly written by me. The ServerSocket classes and files were borrowed from a tutorial.

One other thing: The server it's set at now is dead. To use it, someone with a server needs to run the server program, and the clients need to be compiled with the new server name. (Or with an option to change the name at run-time.)

There used to be a java client, a python client, and two windows GUI clients, but they are all obsolete as the versions (and therefore the protocol) has progressed. Telnetting the server won't help: the protocol stores the size of the packet in the 3rd and 4th bytes of it.

And one final word: the source is meant for linux. To compile, use cygwin, dev-cpp (maybe? I don't know), or just alter it so that it works with your compiler.

Have fun experimenting!