Thread: Problem in modem detection

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    Problem in modem detection

    Hi guys,

    I've upgraded my sisters computer from Windows Me to Windows XP. Since then, the modem (US Robotics 56k Message modem on COM 1) can't be detected automatically. So, everytime she has to go to control panel>phones & modem options. There the modem is always listed but as "not connected". After highlighting the modem and selecting "add", it is then shown as connected to com1. I tried to update the driver from the modem properties but couldn't find any option to update it directly from the internet.

    Any suggesstions please

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    I had the same problem..... with my soundcard.......

    U have to search for the drivers somewhere,,

    It took me 4 days to find a good driver, but now the sound card works.....

    It think, that this is just a stupid driver problem with winXP (XP suckz), you have to find your drivers somewhere....

    good luck!
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    I fix this by removing all modem detections, powering off, moving modem to another pci port, and booting up. Xp picks her upa nd no more problems.

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    test the modem

    Open hyperterminal on the COM port for your modem, set the baud to 9600 and leave the other settings how they are. In the hyperterminal window type

    AT - you should recieve an OK back from the modem.
    then type AT+CBST?

    the modem should return its settings to you, if it doesnt its either a hardware or driver problem. If it does then its one of windows joyful little idiosyncrasies.
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