Thread: SOAP 1.2 fault SOAP-ENV:Sender[no subcode]

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    SOAP 1.2 fault SOAP-ENV:Sender[no subcode]

    Accessing IIS webservice using Gsoap. I have similar error as in this link shows that the error was solved compiling with -lssl.
    I did the same thing in build as

    g++ -o client client.cpp stdsoap2.cpp soapC.cpp  soapDataManagementSoapProxy.cpp -I /usr/local/ssl/include -L/home/xavier/GSOAP/lib -lgsoapssl++  -L/usr/local/ssl/lib -lssl
    My GSOAP lib was build with OpenSSL.
    But I still have error as

    SOAP 1.2 fault SOAP-ENV:Sender[no subcode]
    "OpenSSL not installed: recompile with -DWITH_OPENSSL"
    Detail: [no detail]
    My test code is as follow. What could be wrong?

    #include "soapDataManagementSoapProxy.h"
    #include "DataManagementSoap.nsmap"
    const char server[] = "";
    int main(int argc, char **argv)
      DataManagementSoapProxy webinf;
      webinf.soap_endpoint = server;
      _tempuri__ReadTestData* a;
      _tempuri__ReadTestDataResponse res;
      int ret = webinf.ReadTestData(a, res);
      if (webinf.error){
        //printf("result = %g\n", result);
        std::cout << "Success " << std::endl;
      webinf.destroy(); /* clean up mem */
      return 0;
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