Thread: sync pulse using usb to ttl

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    sync pulse using usb to ttl

    Hi all,

    I have a USB to TTL converter (FT232RL) and i need to make it send sync pulse to other system (short 5v pulse).

    i am not sure i understand it right so i'll explain my plan:

    first i need to open handler and send non zero data using Writefile(for windows).

    assuming that my last sentence was right which 2 terminals should i connect in order to get 5v (i believe its GND and another one).

    the terminals are:
    +5v (which i belive its the supply voltage that always will be on 5V no matter what send to it).

    i hope i understand things right.

    thanks in advance :-)

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    Are we talking about just the FT232RL chip, where you've yet to design appropriate circuitry around it.
    In which case, the manufacturer website is the place to go, where you'll find data sheets, application notes, examples etc etc.

    Or a complete circuit module with a pair of connectors, all ready to be pugged in.
    A URL to the thing you bought would be a good place to start.
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