Thread: mbed 3G vodafone dongle help!

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    mbed 3G vodafone dongle help!

    Hi everyone.
    I am in the need of help regarding the setup of the Vodafone 3G dongle and my mbed 1768 microcontroller.
    I have been on the mbed website and tried to get the sample programmes working but with no joy. I have posted on the forums but no one seems to want to help.
    I am trying to get the SMS sample program working and the websocket one also.
    After speaking to someone a while ago I managed to get SMS one working (they gave a different updated program) but when the dongle tries to connect it just times out. And the websocket one wont even compile. It just throws up errors.
    I can give more info if required, I really need some help please. I have done only very simple programming and the stuff in the Vodafone libraries is way over my head!



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    Well links to relevant websites would be a big help.
    I mean, is this the controller you speak of ? ->

    I notice it has a USB, do you plug the dongle directly into this, or is your PC in the way?
    Show us a circuit schematic of how you've arranged all your components.

    Also, post direct links to relevant online material you've already discovered.

    Have you broken the problem down into smaller steps, like for example sending an SMS from a program written on your PC.
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