Thread: I am writing a (http) proxy server in windows, it doesn't work I expect?

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    I am writing a (http) proxy server in windows, it doesn't work I expect?

    nfds = sacceptedclient > swebside ? sacceptedclient : swebside;
    	send(swebside, buf, sizeof(buf), 0);
    	ZeroMemory(buf, sizeof(buf));
    	//tv.tv_sec = 2;
    	//tv.tv_usec = 20;
    		FD_SET(sacceptedclient, &fds1);
    		FD_SET(swebside, &fds1);
    		if((j = select(nfds+1, &fds1, NULL, NULL, NULL)) == SOCKET_ERROR)
    		//if(j <= 0) break;
    		if(FD_ISSET(swebside, &fds1))
    			ZeroMemory(buf, sizeof(buf));
    			i = recv(swebside, buf, sizeof(buf), 0);
    			if(i > 0)
    			send(sacceptedclient,buf, i, 0);
    			else break;
    		if(FD_ISSET(sacceptedclient, &fds1))
    			ZeroMemory(buf, sizeof(buf));
    			i = recv(sacceptedclient, buf, sizeof(buf), 0);
    			if(i > 0)
    			send(swebside, buf, i, 0);
    			else break;
    I receive http error 400.

    What is the problm?

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    > send(swebside, buf, sizeof(buf), 0);
    Why the whole buffer?
    Why not what is just valid data?

    > ZeroMemory(buf, sizeof(buf));
    If you're doing the right thing with lengths in send and recv calls, then all of these are a waste of effort.
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