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    code help......

    i need client server file download code in c.....plz help me...

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    descriptions are.....
    1. This application will work with three download servers.
    2. Download servers have a repository of .zip files. All servers synchronize their repositories with
    each other.
    3. Server will store variable length files.
    4. Server will share repository information with other servers immediately after any update in
    repository. Other Servers will be downloaded new file from that specific server.
    5. Server should be displayed repository of stored file to client upon client request.
    6. Server should remain connected with other servers to share repository with each other.
    7. Server will accept the request of file name and “Whole or 1 or 2 or 3” marker to download
    complete file.
    a. If server will receive the “Whole Marker ” in file request frame, it will send the complete
    file to the server
    b. If server will receive “1”, “2” or “3” in file request frame, server will send the 1st or 2nd or
    3rd part of file respectively.
    1. Client module receives the file list from server and displays it to user.
    2. User selects file from list and client module establishes connection with a single server to
    download that specific file.
    3. Client should be able to download a file simultaneously form more than one servers in
    4. In case of simultaneous downloading, Client downloads file from three servers
    simultaneously. But it gets file list form single server.
    5. First server gives 30% part of file to client, Second server gives 30% part of file to the client
    and all remaining part downloads form last server.
    6. Client will merge these three chunks of file and regenerate the original file at client

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