Thread: Listen to outbound IPs

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    Listen to outbound IPs

    My setup is as following (windows XP). I have an emulator that tries to connect to a specific IP of a DNS server. It basically starts and sends a UDP packet on port 53 on the specified IP (cannot change).
    I have then another fake DNS server that listens to a configurable IP and resolves the DNS query. My issue is that practically the only way for it to work is if the emulator tries to connect to the localhost. What I would like is somehow the default gateway to return back to the localhost. Or just route back a specific IP to the localhost.
    I tried first "route" command but it cannot route to the localhost. Using virtualbox would theoretically work but it is to heavy just to do what I want.

    Any ideas? Purpose is to test without needed another machine.

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    It depends on the facilities of your router and "OS", but you may be able to ask your router to do this for you.

    Using a router would be the preferred approach.

    That said, this is possible within almost every "OS" including "Windows XP".


    How to add Multiple IP Address in Windows 2000,XP,2003 |

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    Thanks, that worked great! Not the smoothest solution as you I cannot actually keep a static IP (IT guys will hate me) but I can switch back and forward and do my testing just fine

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