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    MAC Timestamp

    im trying to create an application that it will get the MAC timestamp from a packet, like in wireshark. Unfortunately i haven't found anything yet that it will allow me to acquire the MAC Timestamp using an Ansi C or C++ application.
    Any suggestions or recommendations?
    Thank you

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    You aren't likely going to be able to do this without a tool similar to what "Wireshark" does already in place.

    It is essentially a matter of privileges. A "userland" tool does not have such privileges. A driver may have such privileges and can export an interface for "userland" code.

    I strongly suggest you just use "Wireshark". It is a pretty awesome tool.


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    Wireshark uses the pcap driver - perhaps you can as well.

    There's plenty of information on the web how to do this.
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    Depending on what OS you're using, this may be possible without any external APIs.

    For Linux, you'll want to create a PF_PACKET socket and bind it to an ethernet interface. There's many tutorials on how to do this online.

    Mac OS uses the Berkeley Packet Filter ("/dev/bpf0") that will (like Linux) provide a raw socket that intercepts all levels of transmission on the interface. idea. You could google it though.

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