Thread: How many datas when I send datas each time?

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    How many datas when I send datas each time?

    Sorry ,maybe my englis is very poor.
    I create a socket using SOCK_STREAM,and I
    want to transfer a big file,and I know I
    must divide the big file,but I don't know
    how many datas to divide it?and what is
    the reason?

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    Well send() doesn't guarantee to send a whole block anyway (for a stream), so you need to deal with fragmentation on sending.

    Likewise for reading from a file, you may as well read in fixed sized blocks, rather than to try to allocate some xMB buffer you're only going to use once.

      char buff[BUFSIZ];
      while ( (n=fread(buff,1,BUFSIZ,fp)) != 0 ) {
        char *p = buff;
        size_t  remainder = n;
        while ( remainder != 0 ) {
          n = send(sock,p,remainder,0);
          if ( n > 0 ) {
            // advance by the amount actually sent
            p += n;
            remainder -= n;
          } else if ( n == 0 ) {
            // remote disconnected
          } else {
            // error
    One more thing, it's a good idea to send the size of the file first, so the receiver knows how much data to expect.
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