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    Basic Echo Server

    I'm looking for an example/tutorial for a basic echo server using winsock (WIN32). I use MinGW and I prefer to stay away from C++ because C makes more sense to me.

    I've tried googling but I must be doing a bad job because i keep getting C++ or Linux tutorials.

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    Let me google that for you

    Don't know what you searched for, but that looks like it came up with winsock code in C. The Winsock API is in C, so C++ code that uses it will use it in a C like manner that should translate easily to C. Both Linux sockets and Winsock are based off of Berkeley's BSD sockets implementation. Linux sockets are much closer to the original, but Winsock isn't far off. Any Linux examples should work with minor modifications. Winsock references on Microsoft's website will help you a lot too, there's probably example code there too. Also, it's *nix specifc, but Google for Beej's guide to network programming.

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