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    ADSL Communication Module

    The small and compact ADSL module-IB01, is an ideal choice for embedded application. It can be applied in handheld devices, high-end broadband router, embedded broadband communication systems. The working power consumption is 2.3 watt, and when standby, only 2 watt.
    With powerful MIPS32 microprocessor, 240 Mhz. High-efficient DC/DC circuit inside, reducing power consumption effectively and greatly improving ADSL module working stability. Build in a series of interfaces including USB device interface (USB 1.1), Ethernet interface, Serial port interface, and I / O's. Users can use commands to configure and manage via Web page/ Telnet/ CLI.
    IB01 supports full rate, auto-negotiation ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ standards, which can be automatically identified and switched. Downstream rate of 24Mbps (ADSL2 / 2 +), max transmission distance up to 5.5km.

    1. High performance, high integrated and compact DSL module
    2. Powerful MIP32 CPU, very low power consumption mode
    3. Full duplex, auto-negotiation 10/100M Base-T
    4. Dial-up modes: bridge and PPPoE/PPPoA
    5. High-efficient DC/DC circuit inside, power consumption is at least 25% lower than normal ADSL Device
    6. Support 16MB Flash and 64MB SDRAM
    7. Multifunctional interface, set aside few I / O Interfaces
    8. Support RS232 CLI control (TTL)
    9. Embedded design to ensure stability of the system

    Hardware interface
    ADSL - 2 pin 2.54mm, no polarity
    Ethernet - 4 pin 2.54mm, 568B standard
    Serial(RS232) - 2 pin 2.54mm, as CLI

    Communication standard
    ANSI T1.413 Issue 2
    ITU G.992.1 A (G.dmt)
    ITU G.992.2 A (G.lite)
    ITU G.994.1 (G.HS) in ADSL layer
    ITU G.994.1, G.996.1
    ITU992.5(ADSL 2+)

    Encapsulation protocol
    Ethernet Over ATM ( MpoA, RFC 1483 Bridge Mode )
    Ethernet Over ATM ( MpoA, RFC 1483 Router Mode )
    PPP Over ATM ( PPPoA, RFC 2364 )
    IP Over ATM ( CLIP, RFC 1577 )
    PPP Over Ethernet ( PPPoE, RFC 2516 )

    Dimension: 80x 60x 14mm ( 3.15x 2.36x 0.55 inch)

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