Thread: Accessing my server from any other machine

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    Accessing my server from any other machine

    I've been working with socket programming lately; and I'm currently making a server that listens on a port for incoming connections, then once it gets one, reads in a string and places it in a file.

    It all works fine when I'm telneting to the server from the server, but when I try and access it from anywhere else its as if it doesn't exist. Nmap doesn't show an open port -- from either the localhost or the remote host. It only works through telnet on the server its running from.

    The function's code is here. (pastebin)
    I know it's a mess, I'm still pretty unfamiliar with network programming. There really aren't any good in-depth tutorials that show you everything you need to know. I guess I'll have to buy a book...

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    Beej's Guide to Network Programming
    The best network programming guide i know of, and if you really like it, you'll buy the book.

    Check your firewall settings and ensure that the port you setup is accessable from other terminals
    And if your trying to access the server from the other side of a router, make sure the proper ports are fowarded to the server.

    P.S. check out this post when you need to show us code. Announcements - General Programming Boards
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