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    RS232 programming

    I need som help setting up my c++ code.
    I'm communicating with a GSM modem (CT63) and I'm haveing truble setting up the connection properly.

    When I sniff data that I send with Hyperaccess i get this:
    [04/07/2011 11:06:53]
    39 IRP_MJ_DEVICE_CONTROL - Request operates a serial port
    IOCTL_SERIAL_SET_WAIT_MASK - Request configures Serial to notify a client after the occurrence of any one of a specified set of wait events
    Mask - 160 (EV_DSR | EV_ERR | EV_RING)

    I have search a lot on MSDN but can't find examples on how to set this up i c++, but I'm too noob to know how to set this up in c++.

    Anyone know how?

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    Have you tried the modem manufacturer's site?
    The are usually SDKs for this kind of thing.

    (SDK = Software Development Kit)

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