Thread: wifried sp3 wifi issue

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    wifried sp3 wifi issue


    purchased a wifi adapter. ran the cd that came with it to install the driver files. older xp no sp1 no sp2 no sp3. install wizard said "you need sp3" . control panel under device manager said "device is working properly" . network control panel says "non-operational" and icon says "wireless connection unavailable" .

    ok there are three files in the driver folder. copied folder from cd to hd. the files are. wifi.sys wifi.dll wifi.dat the name was changed but the ext are the same.

    how do the three files interact with each other ?

    want to write a wifi driver that will work with this computer that will allow a monitor mode to receive and record all 802.11 packettes. also to work as normal wifi and piggieback on neighbors broadband internet connections. or free wifi spots.

    reading about drivers and wifi and wifi api.<on msdn>
    trying to figure out exactly what is blocking or saying "you need sp3" . which of the three files states system requirements that the install wizard was reading ?

    creating the .sys file
    need NtProcessStartup or DriverEntry
    explain how to access device ? have several long and short names with vid_ and pid_ and
    port#0002.hub#0004 is actual usb outlet on computer or hardware address ? like if i change usb connector used on computer would that change to port#0002.hub#0006 ?

    how to find out the irql and apc and irp and the commands the device uses ?
    missing info.
    looked on manufacturer website for source code download. did not find exact match to adapter name and model number. need to request that.

    issues more.
    no delete button for a network created ? how to delete network name and password ? to clear it off ?

    no generic wlan.sys driver ? with maybe .dll ?

    no monitor mode to read all or any packettes wireless adapter picks up ? or record them ?

    no channel selection ? has 14 channels that bleed over other channels ? recommend to use a few channels between or away from other network ? whos design was that ?

    computer has usb1.0 maybe the problem is that it needs usb2.0 ?
    any other place to download wifiapi that does not check your genuine pussessor ?

    i have looked at several other wifi source code but they do not go beyond just calling the functions to access adapter .

    searched manufactures forum and web pages
    read msdn wifi api pages of structures and functions
    read wiki wifi pages
    read other wifi questions on this board.
    examined several other wifi proggies but they are for linux. just to get a better idea of how they work

    need to get it from "non-operational" to usable. something in sp3 or install wizard is preventing it from working. meow.

    need good tutorial or information on how the three driver files interact in a working machine.

    thank you.

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    Isn't just downloading and install SP3 a whole lot easier?

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    no. i connect to the dial up internet at 7kbs to 28.2kbs plus the isp boots after 4 hours. so three near 900mb files that i can not download. not easyer at all. paying for broadband is also out of the question at $55 ? a month just too expensive. no money. so best solution is free broadband access. purchase new computer also out of question for same no money reason.

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    after spending the morning figuring out the url for the actual file with out the verification bs i finally got the file. it is a self extracting exe. it said "you need service pack 2". it did not extract. meowwwwch! good one micro and soft. i just wanted to look at the source code. now to extract those files. the self extractor should have come up with a requester asking "you need service pack two to run these files do you want to extract them anyway ?" and then extract them.

    any one here write a driver for wifi adapters ? can you explain how the three files interact with each other. the drivers that i have messed with only had one file. i have not seen a driver that requires more than one file.

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