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    http connection lingers

    Why does the http protocol linger at the end of the data transmission and how do you handle this.

    I submit an HTTP GET request to a host, via sockets
    I start a while loop using read() but at the end of the server's transmission read lingers, blocked I/O so to speak.

    How should I go about handling this, right now I am using SIGALRM with a timer of 6 seconds RT but this is INCREDIBLY ineffective, how do normal browsers and other clients handle this anomaly?

    		printf("%d bytes read\n",n);
    		buf[n]=0; /* terminate string */
    		if (write(outfd,buf,n)<=0)
    			fprintf(stderr,"write() error\n");
    			return 0;
    it doesn't get stuck in the while, it gets stuck in the read(). I would like to know how I should handle these situations, I am thinking of using non-blocking I/O but there are issues with that as well.

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    Send the "Connection: close" header to defeat Keep-Alive.

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    When keep-alive is in use, isn't it required that the Content-Length header be provided? Otherwise the client can't tell the difference between a stalled connection and the end of data.

    So, the solution is to read exactly Content-Length bytes from the stream, then you know you are done and can close the socket.
    	if (a) do { f( b); } while(1);
    	else   do { f(!b); } while(1);

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    yeah, the way to handle it is with the
    Connection: close
    in the GET Request

    I just figured that out while playing with netcat.

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