Thread: Receive and read data in wireless mote communication

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    Receive and read data in wireless mote communication

    Hi, I'm doing a project in which interchange packets between sensors, but I don't know how I can take the data from a packet with the interface ReceiveMsg.

    I get the package so:
    event TOS_MsgPtr ReceiveMsg.receive(TOS_MsgPtr msg){
    	call Leds.redToggle();
    	return msg;
    The struct of the packet is this:
    typedef struct XSensorHeader{
      uint8_t  board_id;
      uint8_t  packet_id; // 3
      uint8_t  node_id;
      uint8_t  rsvd;
    }__attribute__ ((packed)) XSensorHeader;
    typedef struct PData1 {
      uint16_t vref;
      uint16_t thermistor;
      uint16_t light;
      uint16_t mic;
      uint16_t accelX;
      uint16_t accelY;
      uint16_t magX;
      uint16_t magY;
      uint16_t constante;
      } __attribute__ ((packed)) PData1;
    typedef struct XDataMsg {
      XSensorHeader xSensorHeader;
      union {
      PData1    datap1;
    } __attribute__ ((packed)) XDataMsg;
    I have to do, for example, if I want take the data of light of the message I get.


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    > call Leds.redToggle();
    This isn't even valid C or C++ code.

    What kind of interface (USB/Ethernet/Other)

    What is at each end - PC / target board (state make/model).

    What compilers are you using? What operating system(s) are involved.
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    I use nesC for TinyOS platform. TinyOS is an operating environment designed to run on embedded devices used in distributed Wireless Sensor Networks. nesC is built as an extension to the C programming language with components "wired" together to run applications on TinyOS.

    I use IRIS motes for the wireless sensor network.

    I use the compiler Programmers Notepad 2. And Windows XP operating system.

    I hope this clarifies your questions.

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    do you slove this problem

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