Hello all,

the following is my setup

BHR:Broadband Home Router

pc--->BHR1( wireless interface ath0 ) -- (wireless)----BHR2(Wan is connected to this BHR).

Here BHR1 is client to BHR2 access point, b/w bhr1 and bhr2 wireless interaction existing.

when i browse a specific URL's like Google or Indian News: Latest Breaking News in India, Bollywood News, Cricket News, Stock Market & Business News i could get the internet on my pc behind bhr1.

But i could do the irc login .In wireshark traces from pc to bhr1 the request and then from irc server to my pc response is happening.
i observed that several retransmissions of reponse and request are happening.

But never it got logged in.
These request and response are in color coded of bad tcp or checksum error in wireshark.

i get "closing link ( Connection timed out ) " in pigdin dialog box.

dig / ping to the specific servers are working fine.

Not only IRC , for some URL's also the bandwidth is not reaching till pc .

Any body can guid me where am i going wrong..?or which point i should take the traces to see the issue.