Thread: Calling fdopen twice on a TCP socket file descriptor

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    Calling fdopen twice on a TCP socket file descriptor

    I am attempting to write a simple TCP server, and i want to be able to both read and write to the client.

    Can I use fdopen twice on the client file descriptor: once for read and once for write?

    ie can I do this:

    fromAddrSize = sizeof(struct sockaddr_in);
    /* Block Waiting for connection */
    fd = accept(fdServer, (struct sockaddr*)&fromAddr, &fromAddrSize);
    toClient = fdopen(fd, "w");
    fromClient = fdopen(fd, "r");

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    Why aren't you just using socket + bind + connect?

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    Well you probably can do it twice (at least on POSIX systems where everything is a file of one kind or another and sockets are just another kind of file) but you should not need to. Say you have the address and port of a server and want to send a message to and then receive a message as a reply; just open the socket to the server, do the write and then wait on the READ flag (look up either poll or select for details) on the same socket descriptor for bytes to come back. For code examples check out Beejs Socket Guide....
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