Thread: help with implementing timeout in sockets

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    help with implementing timeout in sockets

    Hi everyone,

    I have made a program that will connect to a server and download the webpage from it using the GET method. I am using this program to constantly monitor updates on some specific webpages, and I will probably be using thread to handle multiple sites.

    Anyway, the problem I am having is, for some websites, when I try to recv() the html, it will receive all of it but then at the end just hang for a while (maybe 7-10 seconds).

    For example, on the website, I will receive the last line "</body>" and then it will pause there for about 5-6 seconds then exit. Actually this website just hangs forever!

    On other hand, if I try something like | The source for Linux information, it will work (the last two lines are "</html>\n" and a "0\n") with no hanging at all.

    I want to have it such that it never waits for more than 1-2 seconds.

    So I tried following:

    struct timeval tv;
    	tv.tv_sec = 3;
    	tv.tv_usec = 0;
    while (recv(sd, &str_buffer, 1, 0))
    ...copy webpage

    but it didnt work. the same hanging still occured I got that above example of a timeout from the unix network programming book by stevens.

    Does anyone know whats wrong with my code? Or any other method besides SELECT()?

    I don't want to use select() since i feel it will make the handling of threads more difficult for me. I have searched on the web for ages and its always SELECT(), alarm with signal (not good for threads i hear) or this setsockopt option.

    Thanks guys, your help is much appreciated!
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    With HTTP requests you should use the Content-Length field to loop your read until you have read the number of bytes indicated.

    while (recv(sd, &str_buffer, 1, 0))
    has no reason at all to stop waiting for (infinite amounts of) data.
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    but what if we are in a situation where we cant get all the content? I have noticed some websites give the last line or two like 10 seconds later. iwouldnt mind just closing it off by that time

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