Thread: Where to start??

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    Where to start??

    I'm thinking about starting to touch on network programming, and iv'e read a few little bit here and there on the basic thorey, but I'm just looking for direction for it; is socket programming the only way to program networks or are there other ways? What should I be looking into are there any good tutorials online or books?, 'speshally ones focused on windows? Whats a good program to try and build to gain experiance from... lol so many questions any advice would be better then what i already have

    Cheers Matty.

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    - Read the intro threads in this forum
    - Discover "beej"
    - ....
    - Success!
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    Yeah but as good as Beej is, it is not focused on Windows (although personally I would not suggest going to Winsock route but that is me...BSD socket coding is useful in far more places than Winsock coding is). But if you want to learn real network programming and not just Windows Beej's is about the best tutorials on the net....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matty_Alan View Post
    is socket programming the only way to program networks or are there other ways?
    Maybe not quite, but virtually all real world networking applications use the socket layer. And you would want to understand that first in any case.
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    Yea iv'e already started to read beej's guide, it was recomended on another thread seems to be pretty easy to understand. but i noticed it was more unix based ,so i thought there might be something more orientated toward windows programmers but either way it's all good

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    Also you can take a look at “ ”
    that's a winsock tutorial that covers the basics for a client in windowed mode, an asynchronous server, and some other samples and networking theory; the bad point is that the variables and functions are named as 'a', 'b', 'zzz'...

    And of course on the MSDN there are the list and explanation for all the net functions; and if you want you can get from the net 'Windows Sockets 2 Application Program Interface' (is the winsock2 reference manual as help file hlp). And of course you will find lots of links googling for winsock programming And if you want to do something in few time you can take a look at wininet library, you won't learn about networking but you'll develop you applications faster.

    For the beej guide, for winsocks there are one important point: initialize and uninitialize the sockets dll, the other code is the same (except for the asynchorous net-messages processing, and maybe that you have to remember to memset all the unused data on structs to 0).

    Hope that helps

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