Thread: Floppy write protect error in linux host

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    Floppy write protect error in linux host

    Hi Friends,

    I am facing the problem when using the floppy which is write,In my application,we need to display the system error message when we are writing the files in to floppy which is write protected. if i use the server as windows,i am getting the proper error message "cannot copy.Its write protected".But the server is Linux,we did not receive the system error message.

    is there any idea about this ....

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    Maybe if you posted your code, we could help.
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    Yeah; it depends on how you ask. You could stat the device to see if the W permissions are there (on Linux/UNIX there are more reasons than just a write-protect for not being able to write to a device, permissions being one of them) sounds like you are trying to use something like system("copy file.x device.Y") and reading/interpreting the output...I think on Linux I would start by using stat() on the device...
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