Thread: Specific ether type with raw socket under linux

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    Specific ether type with raw socket under linux

    I'm trying to specify ether type when opening a raw socket. I've already done it under Windows and MacOSX but dunno how to do it under Linux.
    Under MacOSX, I'm using:
    struct ndrv_protocol_desc desc;
    struct ndrv_demux_desc demux_desc[1];
    /*... some code to create the socket and bind the socket to the selected network interface ...*/
    bzero(&desc, sizeof(desc));
    bzero(&demux_desc, sizeof(demux_desc));
    desc.version = NDRV_PROTOCOL_DESC_VERS;
    desc.protocol_family = NDRV_DEMUXTYPE_ETHERTYPE;
    desc.demux_count = (u_int32_t)1;
    desc.demux_list = (struct ndrv_demux_desc*)&demux_desc;
    demux_desc[0].type = NDRV_DEMUXTYPE_ETHERTYPE;
    demux_desc[0].length = sizeof(demux_desc[0].data.ether_type);
    demux_desc[0].data.ether_type = MY_ETHER_TYPE;
    if (setsockopt( fd, SOL_NDRVPROTO, NDRV_SETDMXSPEC, (caddr_t)&desc, sizeof(desc))) {
      /*failed, perform some cleanup and leave function*/
    /*succeed, get mac address and other stuff then leave function*/
    What would be the equivalent under Linux ?



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    Mate this looks like something that is Apple-specific; I (and probably anybody) can get you there using BSD sockets (which AFAIK OS/X supports) and is more portable than the Apple-specific API it seems like you are using...Google for Beej's Networking how-to and you will find a method that will/should work on both platforms but probably not Windows w/o a lot of #ifdefs to block out the platform-specific code...but now we are talking about a whole other discipline in code, cross-platform development which could fill volumes...

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