Thread: HELP -Upload to Target FTP-

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    HELP -Upload to Target FTP-

    Hello, I'm new to C++
    I have my basics down.

    I've been working on a project on my own to just start learning C++\C
    I have a simple program down to record error events from a video game I play and save them to a text file it saves.

    Now say I have an ftp, upload location, or twitter account.
    What type of source am I looking at for a secondary program to automatically upload changes made to my log? It'd have to run in the background so no one messes with it at home. =/ yeah I'm a game addict.

    Sorry if I'm a little vague, maybe thats why I'm not finding an answer to this. If anyone could point me in a good direction or maybe give me some example code to work on that be awesome.

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    why do you need a program?
    write small batch file that uses ftp command to upload file

    start this batch on scheduler...
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    He already has a program. He wants to create it for learning purposes.

    You need to send a series of HTTP commands (headers) to the designated website. You can use something like LiveHttpHeaders for Firefox to check which headers to send in order to upload a file (ie. GET something / POST something etc).

    I'd recommend a library (sort of) such as Asio (boost::asio), or libcurl. Most people just use the cURL program (via command-line arguments), or the cURL wrapper for PHP, but it starts out as a C library you can easily use from C++. All the PHP cURL information on Google is actually helpful since they use basically the same interface. There's plenty of cURL source code so you'll have it running in no time.

    It doesn't seem necessary, but it'll teach you a thing or two.
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    I'd recommend checking out for C/C++ code.
    I found some ftp uploading code there some time ago.
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