Thread: New in Networking (Chess?)

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    New in Networking (Chess?)

    I never had an experience writing a program that uses network. So I'm hear asking if there are any tutorials out there that focus on lan network games like a chess. Can you please give me a book or maybe a site on how to create a network or let say a lan game in chess. Is it hard? By the way, I'm using OpenGL and C++.

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    What part are you having problems with? You have a client that sits there and waits for a move to be sent it. Once it arrives, it handles it, and takes your move, while the other waits for you to send it one.

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    I tried to search in google about Network Programming, but I'm having a problem on where to start. Do you think this tutorial is sufficient enough for my game? I just want to make it so simple because this networking is just an addon feature for my game and not that really important on my project. I just want to know how networking works.

    I want to make the two players on this game interacts via LAN (Two different computers via RJ45), then they can play each other, gracefully. lol.

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    The tutorial isn't too bad, but some details are a bit less than perfect. The use of a pointer for the reference count is completely unnecessary. We use pointers for things that are larger than a pointer in itself - an integer is either the same size or smaller than a pointer.

    Beej's guide to network programming is often referred to as the ideal place to start.

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    Do not bite off more than you can chew here. I would start of by building a simple client and server side code and send plain text across and verify that they have received each others responses. Then build from there to add in your chess logic. I guess you will be sending in 8X8 coordinates of the desired moves by each client to each other? Granted your cooredinats have been validated to be correct moves by the appropriate piece. Would you do that on the receive side or senders side...I digress.

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