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    Bind problem

    I have a simple server program that connects with client program. It worked with (should be local ip, I got it from a tutorial), but when I changed to my real ip the server part stopped working. The client seems to work. The 'bind' function fails.

    It might be some elementary problem, as I'm new to network programming. The ports seem to be forwarded, as my router gives logs for the client application and seems to be not blocking it. Might be I don't know what should I set the server ip to, but I thought that my own ip should work.

    I don't know much about it. Is it logical that my router doesn't even give logs as I launch the server? Should it work with my own ip?

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    If by "your real IP" you mean your 192.168 home LAN ip, which distinguishes one computer hooked up to your router from another computer on the same router, it should work.

    If you mean the real IP issued to you by your service provider to reach the outside world, you are out of luck: there is no way they will let you use that to operate a server.
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    Thanks, that was really my problem, caused by a lack of knowledge in that field.

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