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    SQL over VPN

    Hi guys.

    If someone could shine some light...

    I'm trying to access SQL database over VPN.

    I got bottom right running SQL server:


    Should i be able to see this server over VPN? I can't setup VPN just yet, waiting for someone to give me password for firewall so i can enable forwarding to VPN.

    But after I get VPN setup, should the client computer automatically be able to see the SQL server when it connects to computer with the database? Or how much more setting up will it need, how hard can it be, right?
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    Not sure how this relates to this forum. Have you researched this at all? What I quickly found on the net was

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    The VPN software just provides a virtual network interface. The SQL server should not know or care what's going on. Once you've actually got the VPN configured, it should just work, as long as you're using the right IP address (i.e. the one the VPN has given you)
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    And of course assuming that the other end doesn't have anything stopping the VPN server from accessing the SQL server.

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