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    Tokenize HTTP server response

    I am writing a simple but secure HTTP/1.0 client, for an assignment. The client should send a GET request to some server, and parse the server response into tokens, such as:

    Initial line

    I've found much documentation about socket programming, but nothing about how to properly tokenize the server response. Can someone point me in the right direction. This is the only way I could get things to somewhat work:
    int clientResponse(int socket, char *version, char *code, char *message, char *server, char *lastModified, char *date, char *contentType, char *contentLength, char *body){
    	char buf[MAX_FILE_SIZE];	// buffer to hold the incoming socket message
    	char *ptrPosition;			// pointer used for seeking
    	int nr=0;					// number of bytes read from socket
    	int numScan=0;				// number of bytes parsed in buffer
    	int numTokens=0;			// number of tokens found
    	char *headerName;			// temp buffer for header field-name
    	char *headerValue;			// temp buffer for header field-value
    	// get message
    	if((nr = getMessage(socket, buf, MAX_FILE_SIZE)) <= 0){
    		return -1;
    	// get starting position of message
    	ptrPosition = buf;
    	if((headerName = malloc(BUF_SIZE)) == NULL){
    		return -2;	
    	if((headerValue = malloc(BUF_SIZE)) == NULL){
    		return -2;
    	// tokenize initial line
    	if((numTokens = sscanf(ptrPosition, "%s %s %255[^\r\n]\r\n%n", version, code, message, &numScan)) != 3){
    		return -3;
    	// move pointer position
    	ptrPosition += numScan;
    	// tokenize headers
    	while((numTokens = sscanf(ptrPosition, "%255[^:]: %255[^\r\n]\r\n%n", headerName, headerValue, &numScan)) == 2){
    		// check for body
    		if(headerName[0] == '<'){
    			strcpy(body, ptrPosition);
    		// move position
    		ptrPosition += numScan;
    		// set appropriate header token
    		if(strcmp(headerName, "Date") == 0){
    			strcpy(date, headerValue);
    		if(strcmp(headerName, "Server") == 0){
    			strcpy(server, headerValue);
    		if(strcmp(headerName, "Last-Modified") == 0){
    			strcpy(lastModified, headerValue);
    		if(strcmp(headerName, "Content-Length") == 0){
    			strcpy(contentLength, headerValue);
    		if(strcmp(headerName, "Content-Type") == 0){
    			strcpy(contentType, headerValue);
    	// deallocate memory
    	return nr;

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    The first occurrence of the character ":" separates key from value in the header of HTTP responses. Find that character using strchr() and mark its position. Everything up to the marker is the key, marker + 2 (trailing whitespace) is the value.


    PS: on a general note, your function above is trying to do too much stuff at a time: get response, tokenize response, parse tokens. Each of these steps deserves its own function.
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