Thread: Multiple servers on one network (winsock)

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    Multiple servers on one network (winsock)

    Let's suppose that I have a basic network with 3 computers connected to each other via Ethernet. Two of those computers wish to host my server program. The third computer wishes to run my client program to connect to one of those hosts. Is there some way to enumerate through any sockets actively listening for clients?

    The server program, in pseudocode, is:
    while (true) { accept() }
    The client program would be (pseudocode):
    se = getServerEnum()
    foreach (Server s in se) { print( }
    us = getUserSelection()
    So basically I'm looking for something to plug in for my hypothetical getServerEnum() function.
    Is there such a thing, or do you just connect to whomever happens to be listening?

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    Well you could use ping to determine if a server machine is alive, but that doesn't guarantee a lot.
    - the server may have disabled ping
    - the server may not be running your service

    Even having established that a server is alive and running your service, and could accept a connection at time T1, it might not be the case at a later time T2.

    > or do you just connect to whomever happens to be listening?
    Pretty much.

    Most things seem to come with a list of servers, and then the user selects one to try.
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