Thread: Little problem with revolving and printing a host name

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    Question Little problem with revolving and printing a host name


    I have a small Server (written in C language). It communicates with a Client.
    This Server receives some data from the Client with the recvefrom().
    In this case my recvfrom() is:
    if ((recvMsgSize = recvfrom(sock, echoBuffer, BUFMAX, 0,
                (struct sockaddr *) &echoClntAddr, &cliAddrLen)) < 0)
                printError("\nrecvfrom() failed.");
    It works well.

    I know my Client address (network byte order) is stored in echoClntAddr. I'd like to have some help in converting this address in its corresponding host name and print it.


    I'm not an expert .

    PS: I use eclipse on Win.

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    segmentation fault
    echoClntAddr is cast here as a struct sockaddr. Presuming it is really a struct sockaddr_in, it has a member sin_addr which is actually a struct in_addr. The actual network order byte address (on my system) is an unint32_t called s_addr in sin_addr. You can cast this as a const char* and use gethostbyaddr. This returns a struct hostent whose member h_name is the proper hostname:

    struct hostent *info=malloc(sizeof(struct hostent));
    if ((info=gethostbyaddr((const char*)&echoClntAddr.sin_addr.s_addr,4,AF_NET))==NULL)
         printf("gethostbyaddr errno: &#37;d\n",h_errno);
    else puts(info->h_name);
    And it works!
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    Many thanks! It works very fine...

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