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    A question about sockets

    Hello everyone in C Boards! I'm here to look again for answer or hints to help me accomplish what I need to do...

    I'm writing a server with sockets (actually, a repository of files), and I have a code (see down). The code shouldn't care about IPv4 and IPv6. When a IPv6 interface connects to the server, everything is printed fine and the IP appears ok. Anyway, when a IPv4 connect to the repository the IP appears in a IPv6 style...

    I know that they are the same address expressed in different ways, but I need it to print the IP as a IPv4 without the ::fffff: prefix...

    Aceptada conexión de ::ffff:
    should print
    Aceptada conexión de

    The code:
    	printf("Esperando conexiones por el puerto %s...\n",puerto);
    	// Manejo de conexiones, etc
    		sizeClient = sizeof(struct sockaddr_storage);
    		socketClient = accept(socketId, (struct sockaddr *)&infoClient, &sizeClient);
    		char s[INET6_ADDRSTRLEN];
    			  (void*)direccionIn((struct sockaddr_in *)&infoClient),
    			  s, sizeof(s));
    		printf("Aceptada conexión de %s\n", s);
    		// Todo el código aqui
    		// All the code here
    		printf("Cerrando conexión de %s\n", s);
    And the direccionIn:
    void *direccionIn(struct sockaddr *sa) {
    	// Si es IPv4
    	if (sa->sa_family == AF_INET) {
    		return &(((struct sockaddr_in*)sa)->sin_addr);
    	// Si es IPv6
    	return &(((struct sockaddr_in6*)sa)->sin6_addr);
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    I've added another question... Anyone can give me some light on this? :S

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