Thread: Trying to learn networking to the max....

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    Trying to learn networking to the max....

    HI I had a college class on making servers but we used premade server but had to get them to work.

    I currently would like to learn all about networking... In my college class the professor told us that protocols are nothing but putting files in a box wrapping it and sending to the destination and the on the other side it gets unpacked.

    He said it's basicly encoding and decoding the protocal can be what our teacher said like a set of rules or a lango so from computer 1 the computer has to know how to encode and decode which when it's sending the package it's basically can encode it with a protocal then on the computer 2 side the computer gets this package and then finds out what protocal it is and if it knows how to decode it then it would do so hopefully properly he said somtimes errors can occure where the contents of the package can lose half the content if it didn't decode it properly.

    I would like to know more about how to create a new protocal and to create communications with computers using my program.

    any great links to learning this would be helpful.

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    This definately aint going to tell everything about networking, but at least for me it was very helpfull when i started learning about network programming, take a look :

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    Thanks SKVR. I just read the first page of that website looks very informative.

    I just know learned about tcp and udp never really knew what they were behind the scenes.

    I also just leader about multilayer games and learned why they lag. I will read the rest when I got more time.

    I just saved the page as my fav. Thanks for the website. I hope that later down the road I can create a program that can communicate to another computer using the internet.

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