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    Console IM Client

    So, for a noob, who want to write a very basic program. Where you enter you username and password, then you are given a list of contacts, each with an id, you enter then id and then can just do basic text chat. NO gui, just in terminal.

    How hard would that be for a complete noob? And should I just forget the idea until I become more experienced.

    If yes to the program above, what would you recommend. Coz I seem to be a bit stuck. Anything I want to try is way above my current level however all the tutorials seem to be simple hello world programs.


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    Split post off the thread. Please don't revive threads older than a few weeks.

    The hardest part would be the waiting on both the network and the user, since it means you'll have to use OS I/O facilities instead of the standard I/O, which you usually learn.

    Also, network programming in general is not quite trivial.

    If you've just started programming, I'd say it would take a month or two, depending on your dedication.
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