Thread: Regarding delay in the connection

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    Regarding delay in the connection

    hi to all, i have design an client-server program.

    client is sending continous data to the server,now when i send data continously in a while
    loop then it arrives correctly at the other end, but when i introduce an delay between 2 send calls,say a delay of 1 sec, then the data donot comes by 1 sec. delay on the server
    instead after some-time,the data comes on the server as a bunch of data.

    i am transferring 400 bytes of data.

    can anybody please tell me ,is there any problem regarding introducing delay b/w data transfer.
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    Please edit your post to remove your e-mail address. The ONLY possibly effect of posting your e-mail address would be that you receive a bit more spam from people who search the web for spam. If someone wants to discuss your project in private, then they can use the PM facility, and generally, the accepted method to reply to posts on the forum is by addressing it as a reply.

    Edit: It may also help if you posted some code. For example, what does your send loop look like, and what does your receive loop look like?

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    how did you code the delay? are you sure it delays by one second?
    if it does, how do you establish the connections? is there something else writing to the sockets?

    like matsp mentioned, I'd be helpful if you posted some code. otherwise, all we can do is guess

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