Thread: How get data acquisition from printer using winsock?

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    Unhappy How get data acquisition from printer using winsock?

    Please give me idea how get data/printer information from printer ?

    That printer information such as Product Name,Printer name, Model Number,Printer Serial Number etc.I think using recv and recv function, but don't know how to use it?

    iResult = recv(ConnectSocket, recvbuf, recvbuflen, 0);
    printf("Printer Address",iResult);
    printf("Model Number",iResult);
    printf("Printer Serial Number ",iResult);
    Please give me idea thanks.....

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    Most likely the printer will have capability of sending back a message with information like that, but you would need to know what you should send to the printer to "ask who are you", and most likely, that would dpeend on the actual printer manufacturer (or at least which printing language it's using, e.g. postscript will behave in a different way than a HP PCL printer).

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