Thread: Sending Hex to sockets?

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    Sending Hex to sockets?

    Hi guys i'm writing a UDP client based on the example given in TCP/IP sockets in C book, but I would like to know how to send a hex string to the socket.

    Currently when I write a hex string it is interpreted as ascii, but I would like it to be sent as it is written. Do I need to do ascii to hex conversion on the commandline argument or is it relating to the socket iteself.

    All help is greatly appreciated

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    Considering that sending binary data across the network is subject to byte-order, isn't sending a hex-string actually a better choice anyways?

    Edit: Obviously at some point, the hex string will need to be translated to a binary value - but I would prefer to do that where it's being used, rather than the client side. It's obviously a subject that can only be determined on a personal preference basis.

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