Thread: wanna learn all about network programming

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    wanna learn all about network programming

    i know how network programming work at the lowest level.
    there are sockets that send data and receive data. and that all.
    but i want to do advanced network programming? i dont even know what i want/have to learn actually? otherwise i would just google for it.

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    Ive been programmign networks for years adn Im still waitign to learn everything. I don't think its possibleor useful to learn everything, just learn what you need at the moment, most of it you will never have to deal with.

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    You'll want to get in touch with Beej. Besides the basics, he covers things like serialization, asynchronous communication, and others. There's some recommended books at the end too.

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    thanks! i think i found what i should google for
    the keywords are: protocols, proxy, firewall, tunnels, subnet (masking) and still more i don't know yet

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