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    help please

    i am using Linux to program in for the first time. i have a basic knowledge of c and am currently learning c#. can anyone help me retrieve text from a URL in Linux with in C. if any one can help me learn how to read one string to start with. found it very easy in c# and java. thought i would have a look how its done in C to understand it better. im new to sockets and im finding it hard to find souses to learn from.

    Thanks very much

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    libcurl or BSD sockets with some understanding of the HTTP protocol.

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    The reason it was easy in C# and Java is that their associated libraries have functions that make it easy. C does not have the same kind of extensive library support built in. The options are starting from scratch using -- as zacs7 above mentioned -- sockets (two good resources: Link 1 Link 2) and HTTP (Link 1 Link 2), or finding an HTTP library usable from a C program, such as libcurl.

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