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    Question Windows librabry

    Hi all,

    I already program in c++ and i need to know with windows library use to a new project in my company.
    I will work in Linux and another programmers need to use to, and this guys is not very used to draw windows in c++

    any sugestions ?


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    There are several "Cross Platform" libraries. One of those is "wxWidgets". If you search the forum for "wxWidgets", I'm pretty sure you'll find several posts also describing the alternative libraries.

    Which library is right for you depends on many different things - for example, most libraries support some sort of subset of the platforms that they support, and depending on what you want to do, you may find that one library supports your needs better than another.

    Also, do you need "full" or just "partial" multi-platform support - e.g. do you need ONLY Windows and Linux, or do you need the ability to [now or in the future] support more platforms? And how exotic are your platforms? Getting something that supports Windows & Linux is not that hard, but if you want support for HP-UX, QNX and OS/2 also, then there'd probably be only one or two choices.

    The right thing might be that you build your own "high level" library ON TOP of one of the existing ones, particularly if you have a lot of people who are unfamiliar with the inner workings of Window-based programming.

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    i just need linux and windows...
    but i need one librabry very similiar Java Swing or windows forms....the developer need to be very productive....

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    On my current project we use Gtk+ and OpenGl .
    Since it is free libs it is preety easy to work with when jumping bettween platforms.
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