Thread: process info from PID

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    process info from PID

    Hi, I'm kind of new in c programming.
    I'm trying to make a simple program, that displays all of current running processes on my computer and their names.
    My idea is that i would store all the directories beginning with a number from /proc/ in a list, and then get name for each PID and print it out.
    Am i going into the right direction here?
    I know how to get all PIDs, but i can't figure out how to get process name of specific PID.

    BTW: i don't want to use functions system(..) and popen(...)

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    You can always find the executable of a process by following the symbolic link at /proc/<pid>/exe. In addition, you can find the command line in /proc/<pid>/cmdline. There's a lot more stuff in that directory.
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    Why you need to write this program ? What's wrong with ps ?


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    CornedBee thanks! That actually worked quite fine.

    Valery: I was asking myself the same question when i got that assignment.

    Regards, Miha.

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