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    Question pointers

    How would I allocate a string? example:

    char * myvar;
    char * myvar2;


    I need to allocate myvar so that if I change myvar2, myvar won't change, even though its pointing to it.

    Thanks for anyhelp.

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    you question doesn't make much sense....really...

    the statement: myvar = myvar2 assigns the value in myvar2, which is an address of a memory location to the pointer variable myvar. this causes both pointer to point to the same address. myvar2 does not point to myvar.

    char** myvar2 = &myvar; //now myvar2 points to myvar.

    i really can't understand what your trying to do. i need more explination.

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    use strcpy to allocate a string from another;

    char *str1 = "something";
    char *str2;

    int size = strlen(str1) + 1;
    str2 = (char*) malloc(size);
    strcpy(str2, str1);

    By the way, do you want to mean that changing myvar is changing the content of the string or the pointer?
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    Yes, it causes them to point to the same adress. myvar will always equal myvar2. If myvar2 changes, then myvar will change to whatever myvar2 is changed to. I needed to correct this, whilst using a pointer for the char. mix0matt i think gave me a possibly explination on how to cprrect this.

    thank you both for your help. (btw, name changed to Strut)

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