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    Hi folks,

    I have some doubts regarding editing a file in Linux.

    The problem is that, if my file consists something as

    cavestine is a good boy
    cavestine is studying in MIT
    cavestine likes Kernel programming
    cavestine is an active member of forum.
    Now in this file I want to remove "cavestine" by "mark"

    Then I can open the file and use the following command to do so.

    But the issue is if there are more than 1 file in a directory and I want to replace "cavestine" by "mark" in all files WITHOUT using any script, is there any such command to do so. I DONT want to open individual file and edit as above.

    is "sed" the right command to use

    thanx in advance

    -- cavestine

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    You could use sed in combination with find, or you could use a for loop on the command line.
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