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    Question having same error as CIRCUIT


    i m using same program and makefile as CIRCUIT and compiling the way NYDA says.Still I m Stuck on same error

    insmod: error inserting './hello.ko': -1 Invalid module format

    i m getting a ko file so y the error.

    i m using 2.6.22 kernel.

    Any help is welcome :-)

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    I'm pretty sure the problem here is that you are using "old" style compilation. The thread where this appears to have come from is pretty old and refers to a 2.4 kernel - not so long ago, I found that making my own module wasn't working as the book I was reading. Reason: Book talked about 2.4 kernel, and I had a 2.6.13 or so kernel. 2.6 has a different kernel format.

    There are a few different solutions - in my case, I choose to just add my module to the normal kernel build.

    Try searching for some info based on 2.6 kernel.


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